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14th May 2018


The respect for the privacy of our customers and employers is one of the main pillars of Skyros-Congressos activity.

Our Customers/Candidates for jobs, must read this information before handing any personal data. The personal data is all information that can identify a person (e.g. name, address, contact, etc.. All clients must certify that children with the age under 18 years old don’t send personal data without authorization.



In connection with the availability of the website hosted on ("Site"), the conclusion of any contracts (registering for events, submitting scientific papers, requests for accommodation, etc.), providing information, content, including newsletter, login areas, or any telephone contacts ("Services") to its users, including job seekers ("User") and other related parties, Skyros- congressos lda., headquartered at Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães, 554, 4100-074 in Oporto, under the single registration number and corporate entity number 505 513 390, with the share capital of EUR 50,000, Registered at CRC Porto, ("Skyros-congressos") may require the User to make personal data available, such as information provided by the User that allows Skyros-congressos to identify and / or contact you ("Personal Data").

Normally, Personal Data is requested when the User registers on the Site, requests a contact and / or sending newsletters, subscribes to a certain service, provides or requests information, acquires a product or establishes a contractual relationship with Skyros-congressos.

The Personal Data collected and processed consists essentially of information regarding the name, gender, date of birth, telephone, mobile phone, email, address, tax identification number, passport data, identification card or credit card data (collected only for invoice purposes), although other Personal Data may be collected that may be necessary, required by law or convenient for the provision or collection of Services by Skyros-congressos.

After the collection of Personal Data, Skyros-congressos provides the User with detailed information about the nature of the data collected and about the purpose and treatment that will be performed with respect to the Personal Data, as well as the information mentioned in item 8.

Skyros-congressos also collects and processes information about the features of the hardware device and the browser / software features as well as information about the pages visited by the User within the Site. This information may include your browser type, domain name, access times and links through which the User has accessed the Site ("Usability Information"). We use this information only to improve the quality of your visit to our Site.

Usability Information and Personal Data are designated in this Privacy Policy by "User Data".

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, it is understood as a contractual relationship any contract established between Skyros-congressos and the related entities, regardless of their purpose.


In the context of the processing of User Data, Skyros-congressos may use third parties, subcontracted by themselves, to process, on behalf of Skyros-congressos, and in accordance with the instructions given by it, to process User Data, in accordance with the law and this Privacy Policy.

These subcontracted entities will not be able to transmit the User Data to other entities without Skyros-congressos having previously given, in writing, authorization to do so, being also prevented from contracting other entities without prior authorization from Skyros-congressos.

Skyros-congressos admits to subcontract only entities that offer the maximum security in the execution of the appropriate technical and organizational measures, in order to guarantee the defense of the Users rights. All entities sub-contracted by Skyros-congressos are linked to Skyros-congressos with a written agreement which entitles, in particular, the object and duration of the processing, the nature and purpose of the processing, the type of personal data, the categories of the holders the rights and obligations of the parties.

After the collection of personal data, Skyros-congressos provides the User with information about the categories of subcontracted entities that, in this case, can process data on behalf of Skyros-congressos.


In terms of general principles regarding the processing of personal data, Skyros-congressos ensures that the User Data processed by you are:

  1. Object of a treatment in accordance with the law, fair and transparent in relation to the User;
  2. Collected for specific, objective and legitimate purposes and not subsequently treated in a manner contrary to these purposes;
  3. Appropriate, justified and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  4. Accurate and up-to-date when necessary, and all necessary measures are taken to ensure that inaccurate data, considering the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or corrected without delay;
  5. Preserved in a way that allows the identification of the User only for the period necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed;
  6. Treated in a manner that ensures their safety, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful treatment and against their loss, destruction or unforeseen damage, and appropriate technical or organizational measures are taken.

The processing of data made by Skyros-congressos is permitted and legal when at least one of the following situations occurs:

  1. The User has given without any doubt its consent for the processing of the User Data for one or more specific purposes;
  2. The processing is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the User is a party, or for pre-contractual procedures at the request of the User;
  3. The processing is necessary for the accomplishment of a legal obligation to which Skyros-congressos is subject;
  4. Treatment is necessary to defend the fundamental interests of the User or another individual person;
  5. The processing is necessary for the legal interests pursued by Skyros-congressos or by third parties (unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the User that require the protection of the personal data prevail.

Skyros-congressos ensures that User Data processing is only done under the conditions listed above and with respect for the above mentioned principles.

When User Data processing is performed by Skyros-congressos based on the User's agreement, the User has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. The withdrawal of the consent, however, does not compromise the legal treatment made by Skyros-congressos based on the consent previously given by the User.

The length of time during which the data is stored and kept varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed.

Indeed, there are legal requirements that oblies to retain the data for a minimum period of time. Thus, and where there is no specific legal obligation, the data will be stored and kept only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that led to their collection or subsequent processing, which in the end will be eliminated.


In general terms, Skyros-congressos uses the User Data with the following purposes:

  • Provision of services for congressos and associated services (catering, travel, hotels, etc ..., etc.);
  • Management of contacts with the User;
  • Invoice and billing to the User;
  • User Registration on the Site;
  • To inform the User, who has requested it, of new events and services made available on the Site, special offers and campaigns, updated information on the activity of Skyros-congressos and, generally speaking, for the marketing purposes of Skyros-congressos, through any means of communication, including electronic media;
  • Allow access to restricted areas of the Site, in accordance with previously established terms;
  • Ensure that the Site meets the User's needs by developing and publishing content that is as adapted as much as possible to the requests and type of User, improving the search capabilities and functionality of the Site and obtaining associated or statistical information in relation to the User's profile (profiles analysis of consumption);
  • Provision of Services, and other services, such as newsletters, opinion surveys, or other information or products requested or purchased by the User;
  • Skyros-congressos may combine Usability Information with anonymous demographic information for research purposes and may use the result of that combination to provide more relevant content on the Site. In certain restricted areas of the Site, Skyros-congressos may combine Personal Data with Usability Information to provide the User with more personalized content.

The User Data collected by Skyros-congressos are not shared with third parties without the consent of the User, except for the situations mentioned in the following paragraph.

However, in case the User contracts with Skyros-congressos services that are provided by other entities responsible for the processing of personal data, the User Data may be consulted or accessed by such entities for the provision of those services.

Under applicable legal terms, Skyros-congressos may transmit or communicate the User Data to other entities in case such transmission or communication is necessary for the execution of the contract established between the User and Skyros-congressos, or for pre-contractual procedures at the request of the User, in case it is necessary for the fulfilment of a legal obligation to which Skyros-congressos is subject or in case it is necessary to obtain the legitimate interests of Skyros-congressos or third parties. In the event of a transmission of User Data to third parties, reasonable efforts will be made for the transmitter to use the User Data transmitted in a suitable manner according to this Privacy Policy.


In order to guarantee the security of the User Data and the maximum confidentiality, Skyros-congressos treats the information you have provided in an absolutely confidential way, in accordance with its internal policies and procedures of security and confidentiality, which are updated periodically according to the needs, as well as with the legal established terms and conditions.

Subject to the nature, scope, context and purpose of data processing, as well as the risks arising from the treatment of the rights and freedoms of the User, Skyros-congressos applies to both when defining the means as well as technical and organizational necessary measures appropriate for the protection of User Data and compliance with legal requirements.

It also ensures that, by default, only data that is necessary for each specific purpose of treatment is processed and that such data is not made available without human intervention to an indeterminate number of persons.

Communication between the user's device and the Site is done through secure channels and communications using the HTTPS protocol. Nevertheless, in terms of general measures, Skyros-congressos adopts the following:

Regular audits to identify the competence of the technical and organizational measures implemented;

Sensitization and training of personnel involved in data processing operations;

Mechanisms capable of ensuring the permanent confidentiality, availability and resilience of information systems;

Mechanisms to ensure reestablishment of the systems information and access to personal data in an expedite time in case of a physical or technical incident;


If the personal data collected and used by Skyros-congressos are made available to third parties established outside the European Union, for the reasons mentioned above, Skyros-congressos ensures that the transfer obeys with applicable legal provisions, regarding the countries suitability in terms of data protection and the requirements applicable to such transfers.


When you visit our Site, you will be required to consent to the creation and recording on your computer of a text file (Cookie). This file will allow you greater ease and speed in accessing the Site, as well as its customization according to your preferences. Most browsers accept these files (Cookies), but the User can delete them or set their lock automatically. In the "Help" menu of your browser you will find how to make these settings. However, if you do not allow the use of cookies, there may be some functionality of the Site that you will not be able to use.

B. USERS RIGHTS (Data Holders)


7.1. Information provided to the User by Skyros-congressos (when data is collected directly from the User):

  • The identity and contacts of Skyros-congressos, responsible for the treatment and, if applicable, of its representative;
  • The purposes of the treatment to which the personal data are intended, as well as, if applicable, the legal reasons for the treatment;
  • If the processing of the data is based on the legitimate interests of Skyros-congressos or a third party, and indication of such interests;
  • If applicable, the recipients or categories of recipients of personal data;
  • If applicable, indication that personal data will be transferred to a third country or an international organization, and whether there is a compliance decision adopted by the Commission or reference to appropriate or adequate transfer guarantees;
  • Deadline for the preservation of personal data;
  • The right to request from Skyros-congressos the permission to personal data, as well as its correction, elimination or limitation, the right to oppose the treatment and the right to access the data;
  • If the processing of the data is based on the consent of the User, the right to withdraw it at any time, without compromising the legal treatment based on the consent previously given;
  • The right to file a complaint with the CNPD or other supervisory authority;
  • Indication whether the disclosure of personal data constitutes a legal or contractual obligation, or a requirement to conclude a contract, and whether the holder is required to provide the personal data and any consequences of not providing such data;
  • If applicable, the existence of automatic decisions, including the definition of profiles, and information regarding the basic concept, as well as the importance and expected consequences of such treatment for the data subject.
  • In the event that the User Data is not collected directly by Skyros-congressos from the User, in addition to the information referred to above, the User is also informed about the categories of personal data being processed, as well as the origin of the data and, when appropriate, whether they are from publicly accessible sources.
  • If Skyros-congressos intends to carry out further processing of the User Data for a purpose other than that for which the data was collected, prior to such treatment, Skyros-congressos will provide the User with information about this purpose and any other information of interest, in the terms referred to above.

7.2. Procedures and measures implemented regarding to fulfil the right to information

The information referred to in 7.1. is provided in writing (including by electronic means) by Skyros-congressos to the User prior to the processing of personal data in question. In accordance with the law, Skyros-congressos is under no obligation to provide the User with the information mentioned in 7.1 when and to the extent that the User has already been informed of them.

The information is provided by Skyros-congressos at no cost.


Skyros-congressos guarantees the means that allow the user to consult his Personal Data.

The User has the right to obtain from Skyros-congressos the confirmation that the personal data concerning him or her are processed and, if applicable, the right to access their personal data and the following information:

The purposes of data processing;

The categories of personal data in question;

The addressees or categories of recipients to whom personal data have been or will be disclosed, in particular to recipients established in third countries or belonging to international organizations;

The period of conservation of personal data;

Right to request Skyros-congressos to correct, eliminate or limit the processing of personal data, or the right to prevent such processing;

Right to file a complaint with the CNPD or other supervisory authority;

If the data has not been collected from the User, the available information about the origin of such data;

The existence of automated decisions, including the definition of profiles, and information on the underlying logic, as well as the importance and expected consequences of such treatment for the data subject;

The right to be informed about the appropriate safeguards associated with the transfer of data to third countries or international organizations.

Upon request, Skyros-congressos will provide the User, free of charge, with a copy of the User Data that is being processed. The provision of other copies requested by the User may entail administrative costs.


The User has the right to request, at any time, the amend of his Personal Data and also the right to have incomplete personal data completed, including by means of an additional declaration.

In case of amend of the data, Skyros-congressos will notify each recipient to whom the data have been forwarded for rectification, unless such communication is considered impossible or involves a disproportionate effort for Skyros-congressos.


The User has the right to demand, from Skyros-congressos, the elimination of their data when one of the following reasons applies:

User Data is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected or processed;

The User withdraws the consent on which the data treatment is based and there is no other legal base for such treatment;

The User opposes treatment under the right of opposition and there are no prevailing legitimate interests justifying treatment;

If User Data is treated illegally;

If User Data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation to which Skyros-congressos is subject;

According to the applicable legal terms, Skyros-congressos is not obliged to delete the User Data if proven necessary to fulfil a legal obligation to Skyros-congressos that it is subject or for the purposes of declaration, exercise or defence of a right of Skyros-congressos in a judicial process.

In case of elimination of the data, Skyros-congressos notifies each recipient / entity to whom the data has been sent that it has been deletedn, unless such communication proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort for Skyros-congressos.

When Skyros-congressos has made the User Data public and is obliged to delete it under the right of such elimination, Skyros-congressos ensures reasonable measures, including of a technical nature, taking into account the technology available and the costs of its application to inform those responsible for the effective treatment of personal data that the User has requested the elimination of the links to such personal data, as well as copies or reproductions of the data.


The User has the right to obtain, from Skyros-congressos, the limitation of the processing of the User Data, if one of the following situations applies (the limitation is to insert a mark in the personal data conserved with the objective of limiting its treatment in the future):

If you dispute the accuracy of the personal data, during a period that allows the Skyros-congressos to verify its accuracy;

If the treatment is unlawful and the User opposes the elimination of the data, requesting, on the other hand, the limitation of its use;

If Skyros-congressos no longer needs User Data for processing purposes, but such data is required by the User for purposes of declaration, exercise or defence of his/her rights in a judicial process;

If the User has objected to the processing, until it is verified that legitimate reasons from Skyros-congressos prevail over those of the User.

When User Data is subject to limitation, they may only, with the exception of conservation, be treated with the consent of the User or for the purpose of declaring, exercising or defending a right in a judicial process, defending the rights of another natural or legal person. or for reasons of public interest legally envisaged.

The User who has obtained the limitation of the treatment of his data in the above cases will be informed by Skyros-congressos before the treatment limitation is annulled.

In case of limitation of the processing of the data, Skyros-congressos will communicate to each addressee to whom the data has been transmitted the respective limitation, unless this communication proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort for Skyros-congressos.


The User has the right to receive the personal data concerning him or her that he has provided to Skyros-congressos in a structured, current and automatic reading format and the right to transmit this data to another controller if:

The treatment is based on the consent or a contract to which the User is a party;


The treatment is performed by automated means.

The portability right does not include inferred data or derived data, i.e. personal data that is generated by Skyros-congressos as a consequence or result of the analysis of the data being processed.

The User is entitled to have his or her personal data transmitted directly between those responsible for the treatment, whenever this is technically possible.


The User has the right to oppose at any time, on grounds relating to his situation, the processing of personal data that is based on the exercise of legitimate interests pursued by Skyros-congressos or when the processing is performed for purposes other than those for which personal data have been collected, including the definition of profiles, or when personal data are processed for statistical purposes.

Skyros-congressos will finalize the processing of User Data, unless it presents urgent and legitimate reasons for such treatment that prevail over the interests, rights and freedom of the User, or for the purposes of declaration, exercise or defence of a right of Skyros- congressos, lda in a judicial process.

When User Data is processed for the purpose of direct marketing, the User has the right to oppose at any time the processing of the data that concerns him for the purposes of marketing, which includes the definition of profiles as it relates to direct marketing. If the User objects to the processing of their data for the purposes of direct marketing, Skyros-congressos ceases the processing of the data for this purpose.

You also have the right not to be subject to any decision made only on the basis of automated processing, including profiling, that has legal effects or significantly affects in a similar way, unless the decision:

  • It is necessary for the execution of a contract between the User and Skyros-congressos;
  • Is authorized by legislation to which Skyros-congressos is subject; or
  • It is based on the explicit consent of the User.


The right of access, the right of rectification, the right of elimination, the right of limitation, the right of portability and the right to opposition may be exercised by the User through contact with Skyros-congressos, by email skyros@skyros-congressos .com.

Skyros-congressos will respond in writing (including by electronic means) to the request of the User within a maximum of one month from the receipt of the request, except in cases of special complexity, where this period can be extended up to two months.

If the requests presented by the User are manifestly unjustified or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive nature, Skyros-congressos reserves the right to charge administrative costs or refuse to comply with the request.


In the event of a breach of data and to the extent that such breach is likely to pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the User, Skyros-congressos undertakes to report the breach of personal data to the User in question within 72 of the incident.

In legal terms, communication to the User is not required in the following cases:

  • In the event that Skyros-congressos has applied adequate protection measures, both technical and organizational, and these measures have been applied to personal data affected by the violation of personal data, especially measures that make personal data incomprehensible to anyone unauthorized to access such data, such as encryption;
  • If Skyros-congressos has taken subsequent measures to ensure that the high risk to the rights and freedoms of the User is no longer able to materialize; or
  • If communication to the User implies a disproportionate effort for Skyros-congressos. In this case, Skyros-congressos will make a public communication or take a similar action through which the User will be informed.



Skyros-congressos reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. In case of modification of the Privacy Policy, the date of the last change, available at the top of this page, is also updated. If the change is substantial, a notice will be placed on the Site.


The Privacy Policy, as well as the collection, processing or transmission of User Data, are governed by the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and applicable laws and regulations in Portugal.

Any litigation arising from the validity, interpretation or execution of the Privacy Policy, or related to the collection, processing or transmission of User Data, must be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Porto, without prejudice to the legal rules applicable.

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Caro Cliente,

A Skyros-Congressos está atenta à evolução do novo Coronavírus (Covid-19) e às suas implicações na sociedade. No contexto actual, a saúde dos nossos colaboradores, parceiros e clientes é, para nós, um factor de extrema importância.

Procurando minimizar os possíveis riscos associados do surto e, na sequência das recentes recomendações do Conselho de Ministros de 12.03.2020 e considerando a actual conjuntura social e as directrizes estabelecidas pela Direcção Geral de Saúde e da Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS), no plano de contingência para o COVID-19, em Portugal, implementamos um Plano de Contingência com o objectivo de assegurar a continuidade das nossas operações.

Nesta conformidade:

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Estamos a viver um momento imprevisível e sem precedentes. O nosso objectivo é manter o nosso habitual serviço com elevados padrões de qualidade e eficácia, e continuar a apoiar os nossos clientes como sempre o temos feito.

Os nossos colaboradores estarão contactáveis no horário habitual (09h30-13h00 e 14h30-18h30) e aptos a responder a todas as solicitações pelos canais telefónicos, email ou por vídeo chamadas.

Permanecemos ao seu dispor para qualquer questão e agradecemos a sua preferência.
Solicitamos que todos compreendam o momento difícil que todos vivemos e a situação de excepcional gravidade .

Com os melhores cumprimentos,

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